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The A.R.C. Initiative (Accountability Responsibility Compassion) is a Non- profit FAITH-based organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of ANYONE in dire need of support and or assistance. We also offer homeless individuals and those recently released from incarceration in Cumberland County and its surrounding areas opportunities to develop the life skills needed to improve their lives. 

The A.R.C. Initiative breaks and destroys the boundaries of tradition that the world has instilled in people. We will nourish those in need, physically and spiritually. We will provide a safe haven for those transitioning from prison, as well as for the homeless. We will provide shelter and support to those in need, not only thru housing and food, but spiritual counseling and life skills counseling.


This ministry shall produce diamonds from what the world calls discarded. This shall be a place where a prostitute will become a prophetess and a drug dealer a teacher of the word of God. This shall be a place for the David’s that have a heart after God. This shall be a place where the Rahab’s will be placed in the hall of faith. Individuals will learn accountability for the role they play in their own healing able to receive spiritual counseling as well as life skills counseling in order to help them transition into a productive, God-driven way of life. 

A.R.C. Ministry

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